Free Standing Deep Fryer

Short Description

The induction deep fryer has been designed in such a way that the consumption of cooking oil remains efficient and economical. So you don’t have to worry because this deep fryer is very saving oil with “cool zone frying system”. This deep fryer can produce fried chicken that is crispy and evenly cooked in all parts. Equipped with a thermostat to regulate the temperature. So you can adjust the temperature of the oil according to the ingredients being fried. Therefore, this deep fryer is suitable for those of you who have a deep frying food industry. Made of full stainless steel material that is anti-rust so it is durable, long lasting and easy to clean.

Main Features

  • Maximum output 10.500 Watts
  • Integrated control panel
  • 360 degree knob switch
  • Oil tank made of stainless steel
  • Heavy duty adjustable feet
  • Perfect safety features
  • More than 95% energy efficiency and eco-conscious designs
  • 8 power cook settings
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Sturdy stainless steel case design


  • Collection: Induction Cooking - Free Standing
  • Materials: Stainless-steel
  • Model: JDF10